Where land and property is required for the construction of public works, such as the building of a new motorway, road scheme, railway line or town centre redevelopment, it is normal for the body proposing to carry out the works to make a Compulsory Purchase Order. This gives the Acquiring Authority powers to compulsorily purchase the property, subject to compensation being paid. Compensation can be claimed by most parties affected by a Scheme including Freeholders, Leaseholders, Tenants, and in some cases, Licencees

Acting for landowners and occupiers in matters of compulsory purchase, Wilbys have an enviable reputation for negotiating the best settlements for our clients. With a wealth of experience in negotiating with the Highways Authority, Local Authorities and Utility Providers, Wilbys receive regular instructions from property owners, investors, tenants, multi-national business' and local business to act in all matters of compensation relating to compulsory purchase and statutory powers.

Wilbys have experienced surveyors who can represent clients in negotiating compensation, including the agreement of accommodation works which might benefit the claimant as part of the terms of a settlement. We act in the negotiation and settlement of claims for Land Take, Injurious Affection and Disturbance, and can also give Expert Evidence at the Lands Tribunal if required. Whether it is acting for claimants or Acquiring Authorities, our expertise allows us to give quality advice tailored to the needs of the individual client.

Wilbys also act for individual homeowners in respect to claims under Part 1 of the Land Compensation Act 1973, which covers residential property cases where no land is taken, but where property is affected by the use of a new or altered road or a scheme of public works. It is often possible to obtain Compensation under such cases. There are strict timescales for the submission and negotiation of such claims, and it is therefore important that property owners affected by new public works are properly advised.    

In almost all cases, Acquiring Authorities will pay the claimants’ reasonable legal and agent's fees.

In recent years Wilbys have acted on the following schemes:-

  • M1 Motorway Improvements Sheffield to Barnsley

  • Cudworth and West Green By Pass

  • Hemsworth to A1 Link Road

  • Dearne Valley Coalfields Link Road

  • Hemsworth By Pass

  • Stockbridge By Pass

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